Edit photos on Mac with Photo Sense

Photo editing software is essential for building a great photo collection. Both if you prefer the most natural look, and play with creative styles. Below we discuss why you want to edit photos, e.g. on Mac. And how Photo Sense, a photo editing app for Mac, helps to achieve your creative vision. Why do you…

Manage photos on Mac with Photo Sense

If you want to build a great collection of creative high quality photos, you are probably taking many pictures. Only a small portion of these make it to your final photo collection. Managing all taken photos, choosing the few final picks can be quite tedious. But it is worth the effort! Fortunately photo management software…

Photo Sense

How to improve your photography?

To achieve good results you need to improve both the camera and software post-processing skills. This guide gives some important basic camera skills, and Photo Sense handles post-processing easily and quickly.