Photo Sense is a lightweight photography workflow app for enthusiast photographers. Designed to quickly select the best photos in a shoot, adjust them if required, save results non-destructively, and/or export with advanced options.

Photo Sense | Multiple sources

Multiple Sources

Work with any image files stored on your Mac, or directly with the Photos Library. Decide yourself whether you want to put effort into Library management, or just quickly process a few images.

  • Quickly process a few photos without cataloguing.
  • Work directly with your Photos Library. Saved results are synchronized with other devices if you have cloud sync enabled in the Photos app.
  • Save frequently accessed folders on your Mac within the app for fast access.
Photo Sense | Sorting | Filtering

Sorting / Filtering

Manage photos effectively by assigning photos “pick” / “reject” flags, star ratings, and “favorite” flags. Sort and filter based on these properties.

Photo Sense | Effective Selection / Culling

Effective Selection / Culling

Compare multiple photos side-by-side to select the best ones. This is quick and easy thanks to the following tools:

  • Preview multiple photos side-by-side.
  • Synchronize zoom and position in multiple photos.
  • Zoom on faces in multiple photos with a single click.
Photo Sense | Quick Face Comparison

Quick Face Comparison

We believe that if a photo has faces, they are likely the most important part of it. And we developed unique tools to easily compare faces in multiple photos.

Photo Sense | Raw Processing

Raw Processing

If you shoot in RAW format, Photo Sense will let you get the most out of your images. Make sure to check its unique whites recovery if you have overexposed areas!

Automatic-First Editing

Photo Sense can enhance photos automatically using its unique image analysis algorithms. And allows you to customize results to your liking.

Photo Sense | Face Adjustment

Face Adjustment

We believe that if a photo has human faces, they are likely the most important part of it. Very often faces appear in a shade and need some lightening, more contrast, etc. Photo Sense lets you adjust either individual detected faces, or all at once.

Photo Sense | Clipping Overlays

Clipping Overlays

Check color clipping overlays to achieve correct exposure.

Non-Destructive Edits

Photo Sense always keeps your original photos intact. When you save changes, they are all written in metadata, without changing the actual image pixels. Metadata is saved either within the image, or in sidecar XMP files. Saved Library photos can always be reverted back to the original.

Photo Sense | Batch Processing

Batch Processing

Edit many photos quickly with batch processing and image settings synchronization.

Photo Sense | Advanced Export | Cloud Sync

Advanced Export

Flexible export capable of batch resizing, changing metadata, renaming, and format conversion.

Cloud Sync

Edits in Library photos are synchronized with other devices if you have cloud sync enabled in the Photos app. You can start editing on one Mac, and continue on another one.