Photo Sense and iBatch have many similar capabilities. However, they are designed for different purposes.

Photo Sense | Photo Manager & Editor | Photograpy workflow
Photo Sense
What is it?Photo manager & editor facilitating photography workflow.Flexible batch image processor.
Who is it for?Photo enthusiasts.Anybody who needs to batch-convert images in some way.
Main purposeChoose and edit the best photos.Process multiple images, e.g. for a website.
Save image editsYes
Edits can be saved non-destructively along with the original images. Edits can always be modified or reverted.
Edits are only preserved while the app is running.
Photo management/organisationYesLimited
Star ratings, pick / reject flagsYesNo
Compare multiple photos side-by-sideYesNo
Compare faces (zoom on them) in multiple photos side-by-sideYesNo
Compare all image versions side-by-side, including all export sizesNoYes
Transparency handlingLimited
Transparency is preserved when possible, but not handled explicitly.
For example, transparency is explicitly indicated in Preview.
Batch resizingYesYes
Resizing to multiple sizesYesYes
Photo editing (precision sliders)YesYes
RAW processingYesNo
Auto enhancementYesYes
Batch editing, transformations, etc.YesYes

Why don’t we put all the features in a single app?

We believe extra features will only confuse users, make the app difficult to use. For example, star ratings, pick / reject flags, and a Preview showing multiple photos side-by-side are very useful for a photographer selecting the best photos in a shoot. However, these will only distract someone preparing 100 images for a website. On the other hand, a Preview showing all the export sizes is very useful in the latter case.

Features useful for both cases are present in both apps. The users are offered to choose what suits their needs better.