Photo Sense: Frequently Asked Questions

How does Photo Sense differ from other image editors?

Traditional image editors provide a set of tools, and it is up to the user to choose how to use them to achieve the goal. Thus, first of all, the user needs to learn the available tools, and the possible approaches to achieve the desired goal with these tools. For complex image editors, the learning curve may be far from trivial. Moreover, once familiar with the tools, the user needs to spend a significant amount of time on every processed photograph. VeprIT Photo Sense takes a very different approach. It releases the user from the need to learn image editing, and saves user's time by processing multiple images simultaneously.

What technology is behind Photo Sense?

The major part of image processing in Photo Sense happens in the Lab colorspace, which is called "the Most Powerful Colorspace" by the widely known digital color correction expert Dan Margulis. The Lab color space separates the chroma (color) from the luminance (brightness) information, which enables unique opportunities and often allows to achieve better results than is possible in other colorspaces. Note that only the most advanced traditional image editors support the Lab colorspace.

What to do if a photo is not improved automatically?

Lacking the human vision, Photo Sense can sometimes fail to improve a photograph automatically. You can, however, improve the automatic results with various adjustment features offered by Photo Sense.

How many images can I add to Photo Sense?

Although there are no technical limitations on the number of added photographs, Photo Sense is not a photo manager, and thus it is not designed to handle very large numbers of images. The number of images Photo Sense is comfortable to work with depends on your system configuration and the image resolution, and you can best define it yourself. As a very rough indication, we would recommend to avoid working with more than one hundred of middle-sized photographs.

Photo Sense always crashes when saving...

You have probably tried a cracked license code found somewhere in Internet, and this enforced our cracking protection system. If this is not the case, please contact support to investigate the issue.

Switch back to the valid demo mode using the menu Photo SenseUnregister Photo Sense. After purchasing a valid license, register the application using the menu Photo SenseRegister Photo Sense.