Watermark Sense

Flexible and creative batch image watermarking app

for Mac

  • watermark, rotate, rename, etc. many images
  • get creative and obtain beautiful results
  • save and reuse your configurations
  • ...
  • save A LOT of time!
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Watermark Sense: Frequently Asked Questions

The "Anchor point" setting does not seem to change anything

There are two common confusions which could lead to this:

  1. You have moved the watermark on the image manually. It stays where you left it on that image, disregarding the anchor point setting. Use the "reset manual positioning" commands to reset it.
  2. Your watermark is about 100% (of the image width) wide and you are changing the horizontal anchor points. This does not move the watermark because it occupies the whole image width, there is no space to move it horizontally.

The watermark replication does not seem to work

The watermark is only replicated to the right (horizontally) and upwards (vertically). It is NOT replicated to the left and downwards. Thus, if you position the watermark at the right image edge, it will not replicate horizontally, and if you position the watermark at the top image edge, it will not replicate vertically. To cover the whole image, make sure to position the watermark at the bottom left corner.

How to manually position multiple combined watermarks?

Manual watermark positioning is disabled when the Combine all applied presets in every image option is set in the Presets mode. It is still possible to position watermarks manually, though: temporarily disable the Combine all applied presets in every image option, manually position every watermark needed, and enable combining again.

Watermark Sense always crashes when saving...

You have probably tried a cracked license code found somewhere in Internet, and this enforced our cracking protection system. If this is not the case, please contact support to investigate the issue.

Switch back to the valid demo mode using the menu Watermark SenseUnregister Watermark Sense. After purchasing a valid license, register the application using the menu Watermark SenseRegister Watermark Sense.