Watermark Sense

Flexible and creative batch image watermarking app

for Mac

  • watermark, rotate, rename, etc. many images
  • get creative and obtain beautiful results
  • save and reuse your configurations
  • ...
  • save A LOT of time!
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Watermark Sense is a flexible batch image watermarking utility for Mac. It enables you to achieve great creative results in batch mode, saving a lot of time on repetitive tasks.

Protect your intellectual property, promote your brand, add informational overlays, and stamp many images at a time. Achieve beautiful and creative results with the flexible blending options. Generate watermark text from image metadata. Enjoy great flexibility and save a lot of time when processing many images!

Watermark Sense supports both text and image watermarks. It gives you a full control over the watermark appearance, offering a rich set of fine-tuning options and visual effects. For example, you can configure the watermark opacity, choose a blending mode, apply shadow, replicate the watermark, etc. A text watermark can be generated based on the image EXIF / IPTC metadata, providing incredible automation capabilities.

With Watermark Sense, you never need to enter the same configuration twice! It enables you to save your watermark configurations, as well as saving settings (output file naming and format), as custom user presets.

With the custom presets defined, you can even apply several watermarks to every image, or save every image multiple times with different watermarks, all in a single batch operation! Moreover, using custom saving presets, you can even save every image with a particular watermark in its own file format, with a specified filename pattern!

Saving is a separate story by itself. You can save into one output folder or at the original location, and possibly replicate the original directory structure. Use any text along with pre-defined tokens to generate the output filename, including various image information such as its size and metadata fields. And of course, you can choose the output image format, JPEG quality, etc.

Watermark Sense provides a live preview of your watermark. Sometimes you might wish to have a better control over the watermark position than a batch configuration can offer. In those cases you can manually position watermarks in preview for individual images. Moreover, you can even synchronize the manual positioning between images.

Watermark Sense supports the Small and Large Batch modes. The former is convenient when working with relatively few images and performing many customizations (manual positioning, rotation, etc.). The latter is suitable when processing thousands of images.

In addition, Watermark Sense has some basic image manipulation capabilities: batch rotation, flipping, and EXIF/IPTC metadata editing.

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Watermark Sense


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Resize Sense

Watermark Sense has a companion application, our flexible batch image resizer/cropper Resize Sense. The two applications are mutually integrated to act as a single application if needed, while keeping things so simple and straightforward as possible. Together they form a flexible and efficient image processing toolset for web publishing and similar needs, for those who need to obtain top quality results quickly and easily.

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System Requirements

Watermark Sense requires an Intel-based 64-bit Apple computer with Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later.

Version History

See the version history for details on the released application versions.

Download & Install

Click the Try button to download Watermark Sense. Please try the program and make sure it works on your computer before purchasing. Note that images are saved with a watermark until you purchase a license.

Click the Buy button to purchase the license. The payment is processed by VeprIT's authorized reseller Avangate. Once the payment is finalized, you will receive your personal license code by e-mail. Run Watermark Sense and enter this code in the registration window (shown on startup or with the Watermark SenseRegister Watermark Sense command) to save without the watermark.

Warning: if you have used the trial version, and are buying on the Mac App Store, make sure to remove the trial version before buying. Otherwise the Mac App Store engine will find it, and this might cause some conflicts.

Once downloaded, install the application:

Watermark Sense is covered by the following Software License Agreement, unless it is purchased on the Mac App Store. If purchased on the Mac App Store, Watermark Sense is covered by the standard Mac App Store license agreement.