Software development services

Need a custom software solution? We can develop the following for you:

  • iOS apps with a native graphical user interface, for iPhone and iPad.
  • OS X apps with a native graphical user interface, for Mac.
  • C/C++ backend without graphical user interface, for any operating system.
  • C/C++ software for embedded systems.
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Native iOS and Mac OSX software

We use the native development environment for iOS and OS X software, and utilize C/C++ when high performance is required. This ensures a great performance and a native user interface look and feel highly appreciated by iOS and OS X users.

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High performance computing

Modern processors are usually working at a fraction of their capabilities due to the so called “memory wall”. The memory system is not able to deliver a sufficient amount of data to process. Usually it is not a problem, software runs fast enough and does not need the full processing power. However, in some cases, this can become a major issue. Software processing large data volumes, such as image processing applications, can often seriously benefit by employing high performance computing techniques. For example, the main image processing algorithm in our product Photo Sense became 4 to 5 faster after some optimizations.

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Digital signal (image) processing

As you can see from our own products, we have an extensive image processing experience. It also covers video and audio processing, live video streaming, etc.