Photo Sense: Version History

The latest application versions working on older operating systems:

Photo Sense 2.1.2

  • Fix a possible crash with a certain processing configuration

Photo Sense 2.1.1

  • Fix a possible crash on macOS 10.9 (Mavericks)
  • Don't show the zoom mouse cursor when no image is shown in Preview

Photo Sense 2.1

  • Exposure algorithm improvements: now it preserves a better contrast in bright areas, and generates less artifacts even at high values
  • Adjusted blacks, whites and noise reduction algorithms
  • Less aggressive auto shadows
  • Slightly stronger auto saturation; if you find it too strong, use a preset with an adjusted (weaker) auto saturation

Photo Sense 2.0.1

This update is only for the Mac App Store version. It fixes the "Replace original files" option when exporting results to files. The application sometimes became unresponsive after trying to use it.

Photo Sense 2.0.0

Photo Sense 2 can achieve better results while saving you even more time compared to the first version. It gives you control over the automatic processing, adapting it for your individual needs. Significantly improves the customization capabilities and performance. Introduces a completely redesigned, more powerful and efficient user interface. Brings new image adjustment tools capable to achieve better results, and many new features, most notably:

  • More flexible batch image adjustment controls
  • More flexible manual adjustments with multiple new tools
  • Effects can now be combined (stacked together), enabling you to achieve very creative results
  • Fine-grain creative effects customization
  • Copy & paste any desired settings between images, including selected adjustments, crop & straighten configuration, artistic effects, and metadata. This makes your workflow more efficient and saves a lot of time!
  • Custom presets defining any desired image settings, including selected adjustments, crop aspect ratio, artistic effects, and metadata. Presets make your workflow more efficient and save a lot of time!
  • Collection of predefined presets offering various photo styles and artistic effects
  • Direct sharing on social media services
  • Export to other software, including Photos and Lightroom
  • Export image settings to configuration files to restore all the settings in Photo Sense later
  • Flexible image size constraints when exporting to files, including dimensions, megapixel count, and even file size limitation
  • Custom export presets to keep and quickly access any export configurations

Photo Sense 1.12.2

  • Fixes for OS X El Capitan.
  • Memory consumption improvements.
  • Other minor improvements.
  • Bug fix: Preview sometimes crashed when cropping.

Photo Sense 1.12.1

Fixes the inter-application integration (opening enhanced photos in Resize Sense and Watermark Sense) in the Mac App Store version on OS X Yosemite.

Photo Sense 1.12.0

This major update introduces a number of new features, some of them are often requested by the users:

  • When saving, it is now possible to replicate the original directory structure, starting from a defined location.
  • Use image IPTC/EXIF metadata in the saved file names.
  • Rename files within the application.
  • Bulk-edit image resolution in the Info panel.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Photo Sense 1.11.1

  • Urgent bug fix: sometimes crashed if original images had no resolution metadata.
  • Minor batch image metadata editor improvements.

Photo Sense 1.11.0

  • Integrated batch image metadata (IPTC/EXIF) editor.
  • Resize Sense and Watermark Sense integration.
  • TIFF files can now be saved without LZW compression.
  • Behavior and user interface improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • No more Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) support.

Photo Sense 1.10.0

This major update focuses on usability, further improving the user interface convenience and efficiency.

  • Completely redesigned Image View capable of cropping while zoomed in, allowing more precise cropping.
  • Processed photos can be saved by dragging them to Finder.
  • Processed photo can be dragged to another application supporting image dropping.
  • Processed photo can be copied to the system clipboard and pasted in another application supporting image pasting.
  • The crop & straighten settings can be copied between images of different sizes.
  • Transparent images support. Note that while transparency is now preserved (because some users requested it), Photo Sense is mainly designed for opaque photographs. Artifacts might appear on the edges in transparent images.
  • Changed the demo mode restriction in the non-Mac App Store version. Images can now be saved with a watermark in demo mode.
  • User interface improvements.
  • Bug fixes.
  • New application icon.

Photo Sense 1.9.0

This major update gives the user more control over the automatic photo enhancement to achieve better, individually customized results. It also extends the manual adjustment capabilities, and significantly enhances the user experience with a full batch operations undo/redo and other powerful features:

  • Auto saturation strength customization. Some users say that Photo Sense tends to oversaturate photos for their taste. You can now customize the auto saturation strength to get it perfect for your taste.
  • A separate skin colors saturation slider in Manual Adjustment. Photo Sense has the useful Preserve Skin Colors Saturation option for quite some time already. Now it gives even better control over skin colors saturation, which you might want to increase, but not so much as other colors.
  • Full Undo/Redo support for batch operations. You can now experiment with, for example, copying processing options between images, much easier than before, because you can easily undo and redo changes even for batch operations.
  • You can now overwrite the original image files in the original format (if supported). This is useful when using Photo Sense as an external editor in other applications such as iPhoto, Aperture, and Lightroom.
  • Image dragging (reordering and copying) in the browser. Combined with saving with sequence numbers, this can be used to resort and order your images.
  • Editable text fields for all sliders in Manual Adjustment window.
  • Image duplication. Want to quickly try another processing option or effect on a photo? Duplicate it to keep the original processing intact.
  • Also the Mac App Store version now remembers the last used saving directory (only on the latest OS X systems). You do not need to choose the same directory multiple times.
  • Auto saturation performance improvement.
  • It is now allowed to interrupt saving.
  • Bug fix in histograms in the Manual Adjustment window.
  • Other user interface improvements and bug fixes.

Photo Sense 1.8.1

  • High resolution Retina Display support. Fixed some important functionality such as cropping and mouse selection in Image Browser.
  • Fix: importing and some other image operations could be slowed down on Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion).
  • Minor user interface improvements and bug fixes.

Photo Sense 1.8.0

This major update brings the creative effects in Photo Sense to a new level. In addition to choosing the pre-defined color presets, you can now stylize photos by applying various textures, noise, and vignetting. In addition, this update brings the following:

  • Several new pre-defined creative effects.
  • Images are now first cropped, then processed. This slightly decreases the crop tool performance, but improves the automatic enhancement results and performance, because the processing is now based only on the most important (cropped) image part. It also improves manual adjustment performance for cropped photos. As a result, after cropping, the image look may significantly change.
  • User interface improvements:
    • Undo/Redo functionality within the Manual Adjustment window.
    • Option to apply changes immediately in the Processing Options and Effects panels.
    • Pre-defined effects are now grouped by types for easier access.
    • In the Save Multiple Files panel, tokens are now inserted at the cursor position, not only to the end.
  • Mac OS Application Sandboxing support (only in the Mac App Store version).
  • Bug fixes:
    • Manual Adjustment window could sometimes suddenly switch to another image.
    • Cropped photos could sometimes look different in the Manual Adjustment window.
    • The Reset Crop&Straighten Settings command did not update the image shown in the Manual Adjustment window.
    • Illegal characters in output file names could cause problems when saving.

Photo Sense 1.7.2

  • Advanced file naming configuration when saving multiple photos.
  • Full screen support on Mac OS Lion.
  • User interface and behavior improvements.
  • Bug fixes, including a problem in the straighten tool which could appear after resizing the application window.

Photo Sense 1.7.1

  • Improved image browser zooming.
  • Cancel import option when adding too many images.

Photo Sense 1.7.0

  • Customizable aspect ratio in the crop tool.
  • Other Crop & Straighten tool improvements.
  • Double mouse click in Preview zooms to 100% or fits.
  • Important bug fix that could occasionally lead to the application crash.
  • Minor bug fixes and user interface improvements.

Photo Sense 1.6.1

Behavior improvements and bug fixes.

Photo Sense 1.6.0

With this major update Photo Sense gives you a full control over the photo enhancement process. Fine-tune the automatic results manually to make them even better!
In addition, the automatic processing has been improved (exposure and saturation), and several behavioral aspects have been modified.

Photo Sense 1.5.2

  • Improved highlights handling.
  • Reduced artifacts appearing in some images.
  • Behavior improvements and bug fixes.

Photo Sense 1.5.1

  • Improved automatic image processing results.
  • Improved image processing performance. Can be about twice faster.
  • New creative effects.
  • Extended input image format support. Supports all the formats natively supported by the operating system.

Photo Sense 1.5.0

  • Saving in several image formats.
  • Configure JPEG quality (compression) when saving in JPEG format.
  • Ability to resize (down-sample) images when saving.
  • Several predefined saving presets.
  • Copy & paste effects between images.
  • Copy & paste the crop & straighten settings between images of the same size.

Photo Sense can now be used as a batch image converter/resizer (down-sampler). For images of the same size, it can even be used to perform batch image cropping and straightening.

Photo Sense 1.4.1

Bug fixes in the Crop & Straighten tool for Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard).

Photo Sense 1.4.0

  • You can now improve image composition using the Crop & Straighten tool.
  • Batch processing became even easier with the ability to copy-paste (synchronize) processing options between photographs.
  • You can now choose whether the preview should synchronize the compared images position when moving one of them.

Photo Sense 1.3.0

  • You can now give an artistic finishing touch to the photographs by applying various creative effects. These are monochrome effects of two different styles, with several colors: black & white, sepia and other tones, and a pencil drawing effect (monochrome and colorful). As everything in Photo Sense, effects are applied in the batch processing mode.
  • User interface improvements. For example, you can terminate importing and processing if a large number of images or directories are being imported/processed by mistake.

Photo Sense 1.2.0

This release addresses artifacts reduction in the processed photographs. The image processing engine has been adapted to support a greater computation precision. This sometimes significantly reduces the amount of revealed artifacts. Artifacts are mostly visible when brightening dark photographs.

Photo Sense 1.1.3

Bug fixes, mostly for Mac OS 10.5.

Photo Sense 1.1.2

Added support for the Apple Trackpad gestures. Zooming, rotating, and swiping are now supported (on Mac OS 10.6 or later) in the Preview and Image Browser. In addition, scrolling with a mouse (or with two fingers on the trackpad) moves zoomed images in the preview, even when the Move tool is not active.

Photo Sense 1.1.1

The major problem of the original Photo Sense release has been solved. Human skin often looked over-saturated, producing too red, unnatural colors. The only solution to this problem was to completely disable increasing saturation in processing options. Photo Sense 1.1.1 adds an option to preserve skin color saturation, while still increasing saturation of other colors. We recommend to enable this option for all photographs with people, and to disable it for photographs without people.

Photo Sense 1.0.1

The first publicly available version.