Photo Sense: which version to choose?

There are two Photo Sense versions available for Mac: the one distributed on this website, and the Mac App Store version. To help you choose between them, the table below outlines the differences:

This website version Mac App Store version

Purchase options

Paid product

Single purchase includes all the currently planned future features*

No choice what features to pay for

Free with in-app purchases

Use basic features for free

Choose what features to pay for

Major new features are likely to come at an extra cost

Technical limitations

None A few minor limitations due to the App Sandbox requirements, see details here

* We do not guarantee that the version distributed on this site will never have paid upgrades. However, it is more likely to include major new features for free.

Mac App Store version limitations

The Mac App Store version (with all the in-app purchases activated) is intended to be functionally the same as the version distributed on this website. However, due to the Mac App Store requirements, there are a few minor functional differences. Software distributed on the Mac App Store runs under the App Sandbox environment. One of the App Sandbox restrictions disallows saving files at arbitrary locations. An application can only save files at locations explicitly selected by the user using the standard system "Save" sheet. In Photo Sense, this forces a couple of limitations in the export capabilities: