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About VeprIT

VeprIT develops image processing (photography) software for Mac and iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch). We aim at producing powerful and flexible products, while hiding all the complexity behind a very simple and intuitive user interface. The software business was born on the ground of ideas generated after several years of professional photography experience.

History and Founders

VeprIT was founded in the beginning of 2011 by Dr. Demid Borodin and Dr. Olga Kleptsova. Mac OS was chosen as the base platform for VeprIT software because of its great power hidden under the beautiful and simple user interface. These platform characteristics had a great influence on the approach VeprIT adopted for its own software products. The first VeprIT product, Photo Sense, is a very representative example of this approach. Photo Sense pursues the extremely ambitious goal to completely hide all the hard work behind photo enhancement, delivering the best possible results automatically or with a minimal user involvement. Achieving this goal was possible thanks to the founders' background is software engineering, mathematics, and photography.

Dr. Demid Borodin Dr. Demid Borodin has a strong passion to software development and computers for over ten years, which resulted in a PhD degree in Computer Engineering. Being very lazy and always looking for ways to let the computer perform his work automatically, he was constantly developing small private tools to automate various tasks. Finally, dreaming about how great it would be if many people use his creatures, he started working on complete public products. Another his passion, photography, defined the development focus: image processing software. Demid is strongly convinced that really good results are only achieved when you truly love your work, this is why he turned his two main interests/hobbies (software development and photography) into a job.
Dr. Olga Kleptsova Dr. Olga Kleptsova is a mathematician. Although her PhD is officially in Civil Engineering, and only MSc is in pure mathematics, in fact it is all the good old math, the base of the universe. Having a curious mind, she constantly searches for practical applications of her theoretical knowledge. Photo Sense became a very challenging, and yet very rewarding project stressing her skills, and bringing the theory into practice.

Since 2007 both Olga and Demid have yet another passion, which is photography. They founded a small photography business DOPhoto. After several years of working on photo enhancement, they have developed a certain general pattern, which they decided to automate in software. This is how Photo Sense was born. The broad founders' experience in software development, performance computing, photography, and the strong mathematical background all played essential roles in Photo Sense development.